Monday, December 8, 2014

Birthdays, Book Trailers, and Other Things!

December is here...and it rocks. I give to you:

New YA Fantasy Book Trailer Launch: The Lost Remnant

My book-baby is growing up, and I am super-thrilled to share this moment with you. Book trailers are a ton of work. You wouldn't believe how much goes into preparing for a finished product of just over two minutes in length. Regardles, I can't stop watching the darn thing. If you love it too, please rate, comment, and share. Coming soon: The Lost Remnant in Audiobook format!!! Yeahhhhhhhh!

Birthday Bliss is Still Going Strong...

I had a great birthday! Chocolate-covered strawberry cake and fizzy cider were had. I also got a copy of Manga Studio EX 5, so I am preparing to do more damage in the coming months as I dive deeper into the world of comics and animation. I was also graced with the loveliest bouquet of roses! Today might mark the end of birthday week, but I refuse to stop smiling.

Spotlight: Tilted Tales - New Book Release...

If you are a lover of fairy tales and whimsy, I implore you to keep an eye out for Tilted Tales by A. L. Sant. I grew up on fable and folly, but I also love cheeky wit and humor. This title has it in spades, from the cleverest haiku poems to short stories and everything in between. If you've never fallen in love with a wimbie, then add this to your Amazon wishlist. You'll be glad you did.


YA Fantasy Novel The Lost Remnant

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