Saturday, November 1, 2014

NaNoWriMo YA Fantasy Book Giveaway!

National Novel Writing Month is finally here! Most often affectionately referred to as #NaNoWriMo to those who know it best. Me and my love of Story go way back, so I am pleased to contribute to the festivities by hosting a giveaway of my 1st YA Fantasy novel: The Lost Remnant.

I like to think of it as a way of celebrating my published status and encouraging all those who are putting their noses to the grindstone for #NaNoWriMo. What are you working on at the moment? I'd love for you to post in the comments and share!

Having just released The Lost Remnant this July, I am not quite ready to start on the draft for book two. I am, however, cranking out the outline like crazy. To those who are working on their first novel, keep at it! You can probably already envision the finished product in your hands. I can promise you, it is TOTALLY worth the effort.

Here is what's up for grabs...

The Lost Remnant NaNoWriMo Giveaway

Entering is super simple. The giveaway is being hosted by the Book of the Month club on Facebook. 1 Like = 1 entry. 1 Share = 5 entries. The winner will receive an autographed copy of The Lost Remnant in addition to a personal message from myself. Best of luck and keep on writing!!!

YA Fantasy Novel The Lost Remnant

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